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tv   [untitled]    September 30, 2011 5:01am-5:31am EDT

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our top story kicked into action by a market panic unseen since the financial crash of two thousand and eight the german government scrambled to approve a massive expansion of the use emergency bailout fund the new measures mean berlin now personally guarantees an astronomic contribution of some two hundred eleven billion euros most analysts though however agree that more must be done to prevent the highly anticipated greek default from shattering the euro zone e.u. negotiators also return to restart talks on future belo payments the government's last chance to evade a collapse later this month. fourth the fuel for the greek government's relentless austerity engine may be running out. greece has been the place the child of the year. with. the country looks that's to get that much needed cash injection with the help come with. the people say the price being made to pay simply too high burning the. deadline day for the first to be hit with the greek
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government's nice special tax it's one of the measures they use in place to try to secure the next tranche of money the country needs to bankruptcy the extra tax which has doubts about another three percent of people. supposed to help plug some of the massive deficits in the budget enough to move in a year's salary cuts rise in living costs people have already at break in the last two years. erica is from the opposition me title pay he tells me how the expanded rapidly in recent months as more people hit that financial reform. on. situation know there are thousands and dozens of people who will not quit
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because of. people's desperation has become increasingly evident on the streets of queens violence has repeatedly play can out between via place and protest as she states through even more clashes parliament and feted yet another austerity measure in the fall of any property tax where organizing all of this. to put greece on the area may just for political reasons. greece and critics do not need. many people in greece now question just him it is the thing control unfortunately today very a leaders in your resume are the bankers. there. is mr. bunker. again and again and
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again are the. taxpayers in the euro zone despite germany having baited positively to expand the size and power of the european pan out to fund the ready critics are questioning whether that. concise now turned to the many challenges. still face if the problem will move from greece and will start touching european countries then the german banks. even germany. will be you know. will be affected if the problem will. find a solution today not just for greece but for all the european union countries with pos measures failing to have the facts in this political leaders continue to struggle to convince the public. still hangs in the balance that these protests. continue many people. that greece is
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a country now at risk of having financial the democratic deficit as well. the parliament building in athens well the e.u. may be throwing billions of afghans to prop up its economy and create the appearance of stability but the greek crisis has now grown too big to be contained according to patio to satiric a sociology professor in athens. i think that the big question facing us today is not whether we are going to default but how we are going to default i mean all the measures taking by this throwing up by the european union that is to be on the i.m.f. lead one way or the other to some sort of default some sort of moneths default but this new fault is going to be accompanied by newest even concert or stare at the mess or some sort of so somebody is for example we had this summit meeting on july
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twenty first and there was all this hope that the new a bailout package that was on their way. come september and the black veil starts from the part of the european union concerning the last payment of the previews bailout package it's bailout b. not company and by extremists terrorism is there's the demand for a complete state assets and then again more austerity more recession. give us the engine of the of the productive capacity of this country i mean this is a vicious circle something that this must stop i think that does a society as a country we have the times to default on our own our own terms which means immediate stop of payments to the death immediate exit of greece from the euro zone from the euro member you can find all the latest developments on greece and your crisis moments after they happen on our twitter stream that's it twitter dot com
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slash r t underscore check it out. dissatisfied with the way the. political parties. we knew that change had come to egypt a new chapter of freedom and democracy don't judge
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a book by its cover when reading post mubarak egypt it's between the lines where you'll find the new chapter hasn't been published ended or slightly revised we still have the supreme council of the on poor souls of those who'll notice i cannot say that they have been all in any sense gearing this country towards democracy barak may be gone but his policies are not the most me mubarak's case is ongoing at this tribe you know new figures from human rights watch claims more civilians have been forced to face military trials last six months some twelve thousand during the entire thirty year rule of mubarak average civilians are giving five to you know seven years in prison a lot of torture has occurred since staff has come into power. actor ali simply doesn't clown around when it comes to the supreme council or scaf
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he has taken part in protests since day one and still has scars from being detained because the burkes were much worse he said very long have they told people they had to stick it humbly for months after that i was shot for the stud gun and beaten with bats on the head least only because i'm well known now must not leave the country for thirty years according to know if i have to seek asylum but all stay and fight for freedom like mubarak skaf gets the supported needs to rule egypt from abroad and the aid that we get from the us that one point five billion a year the easier proceeds from from the usa and most of it entirely goes to the to the supreme court to the to the army you know the scout and while the westboro. history books will change for the better the arab spring is a massive opportunity to spread peace prosperity democracy egypt since
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our left reading the writing on the wall in many areas it's in the same as before going to fare from in some areas it's getting more worse and he's now a r t congress. with freedom and democracy still elusive in egypt the future for libya is also clouded in uncertainty. and there will be a new government that will not necessarily be more democratic or more humane but will be an ally or i would say in fact a proxy coming up later this hour while libya's interim government struggles for full control of the country skepticism surrounding those who will benefit most from the revolution starts to creep in. and the shadow of an eminent u.s. veto clouding palestinian statehood at the u.n. security council as a guest both looks all but certain. but first the standoff continues in northern kosovo with local serbs reinforcing their barricades in an ongoing dispute over
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border crossings situations also led to nato sending more troops to the area already fraught relations between serbia and kosovo plunged to new depths on tuesday after nato forces tried to dismantle the road blocks provoking a violent clashes with the serbs for all the latest on this i'm joined by our tease alexei the live in the region alexey so as any water been thrown on this fire yet is there any signs of things calming down so far. well for now the situation really seems to be rather call. everything seems to be quiet and peaceful here in. the town which is split between. serbs. indication that the situation could be. nearest future because we went to the barricades manmade barricades organized by the. last night and we saw that. there are barricades with.
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the roads to block these roads. for the cost of a police. helicopter. flying into the region every. understand that those helicopters are bringing fresh troops to the border crossings to. the situation. since violent clashes at the border between. protecting the. almost a dozen. hospitals with different. because . they were the ones who provoked. at the same time they say they had to use rubber bullets. in hospitals here. who delivered with injuries they are delivered with.
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this whole situation driving around the city we've seen many. more than four years . flags hanging around the. town as well as many banners on the streets saying that. this basically reflects the mood it is rather calm the situation could be escalating any minute. in the first place . well this is. july this year when the police decided to pull checkpoints at the border crossings they decided to impose a trade embargo on the serbs living in kosovo from. the. supplies. the locals reacted to furiously by putting manmade barricades. with the police with the forces so this situation is rather. stable for.
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international reaction to that with. the russian foreign ministry saying that it expressed deep concerns over the situation saying that it may seem that this is just a minor border crossing dispute but in fact that. the situation in the region the region which as we know certainly has already been subjected to a great deal of stress it's already so really interesting to see what developments we'll see in the near future here in this rather volatile region with here and keeping. track of all the latest details. with all the latest information. for us from the tributes to kosovo where the standoff continues over the disputed border checkpoints thank you. or you can find all our latest stories and more on our website r.t. dot com here's what's a click away right now. if you missed out on the frankfurt motor show no worries
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just come on here to moscow where government officials managed to blow more than a hundred fifty million dollars on a luxury cars. and a police officer attacked by a muslim man in brussels after he demanded the man's wife remove her veil full coverage of that story plenty more at r.t. dot com. election fever will soon be spreading across russia with december's parliamentary vote followed by the presidential runoff in march next year president who now said he does not plan to compete for a second term aligned his view on what the election means for the country as he spoke with the country's mainstream media in a news conference for more on this hundred r.t.s. and italian overcoat. i want to tell you so what exactly did the president have to
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say. mostly spoke about the upcoming presidential election of two thousand and twelve and why. the reasoning behind his suggestion. of being the man for the top job in the country one of the reasons that he names was had better ratings among russian russians than the current president himself. also said that there's no such thing as power struggle between him and prime minister putin as they both have the same goals of serving their country and their people nonetheless he hopes that he does hope to win the election and also. speculations about. the fact that it is a done deal absolutely irresponsible as in the end of the day itself for the people to decide who. their president is going to be. it's up to the citizens to elect just words it's the truth any politician could lose an election along with
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his or her political. history as well as other countries. anything can happen. determination. of people who. are able to highlight the key points for a candidate or a party will by turning them down that's what democracy is about. surely our. speaking out. said she would not say he doesn't want to remain at his post. she was dismissed. and there's no need to. republic but a presidential republican such statements are simply unacceptable.
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libya's national transitional council says it won't form an interim government until the whole country is liberated the forces have already taken the airport in the fugitive colonel's hometown of sirte one of the last remaining strongholds reinforcements were called. assault in the face of strong resistance as civilians continue fleeing the besieged city and tire war activists. brian becker says. the problems in the country. clearly they're not protecting civilians when they're bombing cities that are considered to be. when they're killing people not because they've done something wrong but because their own political belief. are contrary to what nato wants in terms of the kind of government they want for libya so i think that they need to be brought to justice i think though unless there's
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a very strong international movement for human rights in this instance i think it's unlikely they will be brought to court but the goal of the nato powers is that carry out regime change so that the khadafy government is gone once and forever and that there will be a new government that will not necessarily be more democratic or more humane but will be an ally or i would say in fact a proxy a client perhaps a puppet of western powers in this country that has the largest oil reserves in all of africa the ninth largest oil reserves in the world i think that real goal of the nato powers is that take control over libya's vast resources which we know are a great treasure the palestinian bid for statehood has made a strong start at the u.n. security council with up to nine members a number acquired to pass the vote promising their support the bids already been forwarded to a special admissions committee for approval before a vote observers say at this stage it's at this stage that the us is most likely to
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try to install the process in an effort to avoid having to veto it critics say such a move could be a blow to its credibility as a mediator among the international bodies indorsing the bid the european parliament called the palestinian quest for statehood a legitimate target meanwhile israel has yet again provoked criticism from much of the world community after approving more settlements on occupied palestinian territory a senior official tells r.t. unconditional us support and aid are a major factor in the country's behavior. it's very important what they will be saying because. you're going to come through to other members of the security council and i think it's an important message for us that a business out of of the european people saying loud and clear out of this move to the united nation is very legitimate and we hope that this will reflect itself on the vaulting by the european governments and but of to a lot of both france and britain the americans have asked us and the israelis to
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start of. the talks which we did but the direct talks which we did the indicted talks which we did. have decided to end the freeze of settlements and what they're called the moratorium on this issue has totally bush the whole talks into total collapse even by companies that has said that the jewish settlements in that but as you know that there is an obstacle to peace they are not legitimate and so on we ask them today the european union the united states israel is announcing the southern months and what are you going to do about it so i think this is the question for the entitlement community there is. every day violating beside three months by evaluating international legitimacy violating all resolutions that are related to united nation the question is what is it that the international community is doing about it we hope that the definition of community does not going to new or to deal with is that i as
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a spoiled kid of the. some european cup because. it is putting i hopes on the security council was peter lavelle and his cross talk yes but the organizations credibility under scrutiny full program coming up at eleven g.m.t. here's a preview of that. you know it's a proposed hypothetical that tomorrow the united states of the united kingdom decide to go on a war and the united nations security council doesn't give that you know there's a russia or china or whoever vetoing that particular decision then they decide to step so the united nations and go to war regardless what can the united nations do in reality they can do absolutely nothing and that is where the problem is we were absolutely i agree with you inside that if i don't know that i should like it. you know because i do think before we become made to reduce this to a debate about whether colonialism still persists in attitude or fact one should not neglect the other half the other three quarters of the united nations which is
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doing humanitarian aid around the world where the united nations is the central organizing mechanism for the delivery of food aid for famine for post war conflict . blaggard the un using the security council as the only face of the u.n. whatever once you get over that it's a real reductionism. and. take a look now at some other stories making headlines across the globe the yemeni ministry of defense has announced it has killed a u.s. born terrorist mastermind anwar al wiki that was allegedly involved in a number of attacks on the u.s. including the failed times square bombing last year and the fort hood shooting rampage in two thousand and nine. had said to be was said to be on the cia's priority target list and his death follows the number of failed attempts on his
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life by u.s. army. china has rocketed the industry's history after launching its first orbiting laboratory successfully facility nicknamed the heavenly palace blasted off those day the lab will stay in orbit for two years marking the first step in china's plans for its own space station by the. of the decade the module will be used to master the docking technique. that is whale and president hu go chavez is denying rumors of a setback to his health he was referring to a report published in a us newspaper claiming he had been hospitalized again chavez said he was taking steroids as he recovers from chemotherapy after finishing a final round of treatment in cuba last week. green is up next with the business news stay with us here on r.t. . hello and welcome to a business here in ottawa thanks for joining me russia's economic policy will continue war less on the course said by aleksey could in speaking to business r t deputy
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finance minister sergei explains the government's thinking in the wake of a shock sacking of his boss. was amused if you look at the but it is. the first deputy prime minister. agrees with explosives used to gudrid on the key issues he says the ego's parameters of the state budget for next year would develop and will remain and that he will meet with the ministry agree to any move again. let's take a look at the markets now all prices are heading up on expectations an expanded european bailout fund will support economic growth and demand for fuel flights we just trading at eighty two dollars a barrel while brand is at one hundred over one hundred three dollars per barrel asian shares are mostly lower on friday on the final day of the fourth quarter with investors trading nervously ahead of further developments on the europe's debt crisis meanwhile energy companies managed to notch some gains on the nikkei with
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jack's holdings up one point four percent and hong kong's hang seng is down over two percent with financials among the main decliners industrial and commercial bank of china six percent stocks in europe are lower at the foot sea is almost one percent down while the german dax is one point seven percent in the red car makers and luxury for amazon leading the falls shares and burglary group dropped three point six percent in london my as stocks are also losing ground shares of the u.k. chip designer a r m holdings fell three point four percent and german carmakers the m.-w. lost four percent here in russia stocks are in the red in afternoon trading session the r.t.s. is losing just one. half percent while i'm isaac's down one and a quarter of a percent now let's take a look at some individual shot otherwise it's this our energy stocks are in the red gas problem ross napster's ing of a one percent and financials are also under pressure with spare back closing one
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and a half percent at douglas groves at were all state capital believes that investors should take a closer look at oil and banking stocks for a good that. will companies or rule the good bet right now given that their room mission have a double benefit from their margins from. there or their export revenues are nominated in dollars which means that the should have an exceptionally good quarter of this quarter the other also i think quite cheap after the recent sell off also russian banks i think is something else it's worth looking at him again because nero there are quite cheap they're trading at the very rules against against book they've been hit harder than most stocks in the recent so off and it's also something i would do look at especially if there is some resolution coming out of the e.u. ministers meeting early next week. and russia's top search engine the yandex has
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bought a ten percent stake in its american rival startup blekko a fifteen million dollars deal is considered as another step in the company's point of passion the u.s. market entry coincides with reports the company continues to lose position in its home market for global. that's all for now i'll be back in forty five minutes with more try me.
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we'll. review the latest in science and technology. we go to the future.
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one thirty pm in moscow the headlines germany's parliament rushes through a drastic increase in the e.u. bailout funds powers over greece finds itself crushed under the weight of on precedented austerity. serves refused to dismantle barricades on the serbia kosovo border despite nato bringing in more troops to the area. china rockets into space history as it launches the country's first orbiting laboratory with plans for an even more ambitious project its own space station. next r.t. takes you want to exile orating trip to russia's far east to meet the rarest species of animals and admired the bewildering beauty of the region stay with us. seven thousand kilometers from.


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